About me

I am an IT professional; independent, hard working, and efficient. When it comes to IT there are always two ways to do anything, the fast way and the better way. I hate to do things the fast way but sometimes that’s exactly what has to be done. I don’t like it because whenever I end up doing something the fast way it’s only a matter of time until you need to do it the better way and I try not to do things twice. I’m a critical person but I am always the most critical of myself. I take pride in everything that I do, and I think others should to. I manage my own time and I set my own goals and I don’t usually need anyones help, this doesn’t mean I can’t work with others but it does mean I often work alone.

The defining characteristic of IT is that it’s always changing. I’m the first to volunteer to work on new projects because I always want to test my skills and pick up new ones. I strive to make my self indispensable to any organization I work with and the most productive people tend to notice. If you ask me if we can do something the answer is always going to be yes, and here’s what we need to do it.